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Everyone knows how to light a fire, right?

Getting Set to Light a Fire! Everyone knows how to light a fire, right? No, wait.  Do read this.  I know everyone knows how to light a fire, but trust me, there is a better way. Traditionally, what does everyone do to light a fire?  You put some paper down, you put some twigs on that, some bits and bobs on top of that, logs on the to, and then you light the paper.  My grandmother used to add excitement to the mix, by pouring paraffin all over it before lighting it.  Believe me, lighting the fire was an event when I was young.  I often had a grandmother with no eyebrows, but that’s by the way. Now all that is pretty normal (if you deduct the paraffin) but it really is not the safest, best or the easiest way to light a fire.  For starters, paper is filthy stuff.  When it is made, they incorporate clay into the mix and when it burns, it forms great mineralised flakes of ash that block the flow of air through the fire bed and poor air flow can bring the process to a halt.  Fashion magazines and other glossy paper is the … Continue reading

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