Flue Integrity Testing

Years ago a flue’s integrity was tested by lighting smoke pellets in the fireplace and having a tester walk around the property, trying to smell where smoke is leaking into rooms. Flue Integrity Testing has come a long way since then.


Flue Integrity Testing

Why is the old-fashioned pellet method flawed?

  • Some leaks are too small to see or smell
  • Human error and inexperience is a significant factor
  • The result is subjective
  • There’s no way of identifying the amount of leakage
  • Smoke pellets can damage furnishings


What are the benefits of a computerised Flue Integrity Test?

  • It reveals facts, not assumptions based on the tester’s experience
  • It calculates the acceptable and actual leakage rate
  • It gives you a clear pass or fail result
  • No damage to your flue or furnishings

Flue Integrity Testing

Before your Flue Integrity Test takes place, your flue needs to be professionally cleaned to ensure an accurate reading and minimal mess.

Once the equipment is assembled, we block the top of your flue and insert the analyser in through the base, ensuring it’s fully sealed. Air is pumped into the flue and the analyser measures leakage. The machine produces a reading of both the permitted and actual leakage rate. This information will establish whether or not your flue passes or fails.




What do the readings mean?

Pass: This means your flue is considered to be working within safe parameters. It means your flue is sound and fit for use.

Flue Integrity Testing

Fail: This means your flue is leaking more than it should and that a potentially hazardous level of fumes may be leaking into your home. In this instance, we advise you to stop using your chimney until further tests are carried out.

A CCTV survey will help to establish the exact nature of the problem so we can advise you of the best course of action.


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