Ecco Log & Wood Burner Stoves

Ecco Stove E580 installed in Lisa Wight’s home

Ecco Stove E580 installed in Lisa Wight’s home

Here at The Chimney Corner we love the Ecco Stoves collection so much we install them in our own homes! It’s not hard to see why we like them.

Benefits of choosing an Ecco Stove:

  • Overall fuel bill reduction up to 75%
  • Stove efficiency of 85% (EU)
  • Stove efficiency meets DEFRA smoke control standards (UK)
  • Carbon output of 0.24% to atmosphere
  • Unique, stylish design in a range of colours

Having visited the Ecco Stoves manufacturing facility and using an Ecco Stove in our home since 2013, we are 100% confident in recommending this range, it’s simply outstanding.

Ecco Stove facts:

  • An Ecco Stove produces less carbon than a tree decomposing for five years
  • Its pays for itself in under five years due to massive savings on fuel bills
  • Fuel is renewable
  • Maintenance is simple and typical of a traditional log or wood burner stove
  • It’s designed to gently radiate a consistent temperature throughout the house losing only 1oC per room away from the stove

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  • Testimonials

    Before Ecco Stove was installed my annual oil bill was £1,350 but Ecco Stove reduced my oil bill to £130 with my wood bill rising slightly to £280. I’m saving just under £1,000 per year on heating alone, and my home is continually warm and cosy.
    Ms Wight, Six Mile Bottom – Ecco Stove E580